Wednesday, July 12, 2006

"Other" Race News: Harold Ford and TN Senate

One of the many mind-boggling aspects of the anti-Lieberman campaign is how the Lieberhaters are draining critical progressive resources away from races where Democrats actually have a chance to pick up a seat from the Republicans rather than consuming one of their own. So every once in awhile, we'll take a break from the CT Senate race to talk about one of those races, and give our readers the chance to help end Republican control of Capitol Hill.

Our first profile will be on Congressman Harold Ford and the Tennessee Senate race. Ford is a graduate of the University of Pennsylvania (my own alma mater) and University of Michigan's Law School who was elected to the House at age 26. After a decade serving in the lower chamber, he's now vying to take the seat being vacated by Bill Frist. Ford is a practical progressive, and one of the true stars of the House Democratic Caucus.

He will be facing off against one of three GOPers - who are currently forming a circular firing squad in the GOP primary. With another practical progressive (Gov. Phil Bredesen) at the top of the ticket in November, this is a seat that Dems have a real chance to take - and it's one we MUST take if we want to take back the Senate in November.

The GOP nominee is certain to have a war chest the size of Lookout Mountain that they'll use to attack Ford and distort his record. You can help him out by contributing to his campaign so that he can set the record straight, and help bring this Senate into the Democratic column.

Ford would also be the first African-American to win a Senate seat in the south since Reconstruction. So by helping his campaign, you would be helping to make history.

Click here to contribute to Congressman Ford's campaign


Anonymous centristdem said...

Damn right. Ford would make a great US Senator. And guess what...he's backing Sen Lieberman!

7/13/2006 12:25 PM  

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